Home Builder – Modern and Contemporary House Plans

Modern Home Design for Home Builders

The 21st century offers many advantages in terms of home design elements. You can either go with contemporary or modern house designs or a combination of both if you prefer.  Back in the day it could be a tad difficult to get approval for contemporary designs as some neighborhoods often had strict covenants and regulations on what design is possible. Today, however is a different story as contemporary and modern has gone mainstream.


Ask any new home contractor about space, and he will tell you that space is used very efficiently in new home construction so as to complement the entire structure as a whole.  This ranges from the design of the ceiling space including the hallways as well as the corridors.  A contemporary house plan seeks to strike a balance between the size of the home and the space available to it. In modern homes, space is not limited within the structure but integrates also the surrounding environment to complement everything.

You can never have too Much Light

When it comes to contemporary home plans there is nothing that says you cannot have too much light. So contractors like Creekside Homes – a home builder in McMinnville OR,  will integrate large windows facing the south side of the house. They will also include smaller windows on different sides of the room for the purpose of inviting more natural light to bathe the rooms without having to cut corners to give up privacy or brightness standards. Modern homes do maximize natural light for the purpose of cutting back on energy costs during the summer so you do not have to turn on many lights as a result.

Lots of Customization Options

What is great about contemporary home plans is that it does not rely too much on symmetry or other design rules so to speak.  This allows for lots of room to customize as well as for future expansion as well.  By allowing customization possible into the design you save more money, as downgrading will not be necessary in the future.

Environmentally Good

Probably the most important attribute in contemporary and modern homes is the integration of green living elements. Solar power, energy efficient appliances and earth friendly design aesthetics provide not only good-looking appearances but also more importantly a healthier environment.  Natural light levels and efficient airflow are some of the important aspects that allow for better energy efficiency and therefore less waste.

Here is a video with some extreme green living element ideas.